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VAT No:. ATU60705847

1 Scope & defense clause
1.1 For the justified on this Internet-shop legal relations between the operator of the shop (the “MAJESTIC MODE” or “Provider”) and its customers only the following terms and conditions apply to the current version at the time of order.
1.2 Other Terms and conditions of the customer are rejected.

3.Zustandekommen of the contract
3.1 The presentation of goods on the internet shop is not a binding offer from the vendor to conclude a purchase contract. The customer will only be required to submit an order through an offer.
3.2 By submitting the order via the internet shop, the customer makes a binding offer aimed at the conclusion of a sale of the goods contained in the shopping cart. By submitting the order, the customer accepts these terms and conditions as the legal relationship with the seller alone prevail.
3.3 The provider will automatically take your order opposed by our shop system.
Please note that the automated confirmation of receipt itself does not already represents a Annahmedes contract offer, but you only have to show that your order is received and processed by us.
Due to the fact that your order is not an acceptance, but an offer, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance of the order in whole or in part, if necessary.
This only happens in rare cases. Of course, you will receive a notification even with a rejection.
3.4 We may continued availability of products, in particular of special offers, is not guaranteed. If our deals and special offers are sold on the basis of pre-orders in the online shop, it is still possible that they are reproduced.
3.5 To the conclusion of the contract with MAJESTIC MODE only people are entitled to have at least 18 years of age and have a valid commercial and are not limited to the time the contract in its capacity.
3.6 MAJESTIC MODE sells your goods exclusively to commercial customers who legitimized before the order by sending a valid denominated in the customers business license and by entering a valid European VAT. ID.
3.7 All prices shown in MAJESTIC MODE are net prices plus shipping charges incurred. The VAT for Austria from the current 20% will be shown separately on the invoice. For companies from EU countries with a valid VAT number thus the intra-Community acquisition of goods shall be covered at 0% VAT on goods.
Should be due in the course of shipping export or import taxes, go to this expense of the customer.
3.8 quoted in the ads are not-binding and without obligation and are valid as long as stocks last.

4.1 The customer can order the goods during the period of 0-24 h from Monday to Sunday, but we are working as a provider of these services in the period Mon-Thu 9-14h unless expressly noted.
4.2. Minimum Order Quantity: See Home! It’s items buy or purchase LOT possible.
4.3 The information contained in this web site have been carefully compiled by us and we are committed to ongoing review and updating. However, we can not accept any liability for the accuracy, currency, completeness and current availability of our content. We do not vouch for the fact that the website content for our clients and their purposes are suitable.
Binding information, advice, recommendations or explanations will be given through individual communication.
The content, design and structure of our website are protected by copyright. The information provided by us, text and image materials are intended only for the individual access of the user of our website and may not be reproduced without our consent and used for business purposes. A fetch our offer of areas outside of Germany and Austria is not intended by us. We assume no liability for our Internet services for users from other states suitable, usable or is legally permissible.
4.4 Usage rights of Product Photos
The photos may not be printed or used in other print media or desired by the customer in any other way distributed werden.Sollte other processing form, requires the express consent of this MAJESTIC MODE Written in a separate agreement.

5 Terms of Payment
The payment of the purchase price is due at the conclusion of the contract.
Payment is in advance – Transfer.

6 Delivery and Shipping Operations
6.1 Shipping and packaging: see shipping info.
6.2 We deliver our products in the EU countries.
The ordered goods unless agreed otherwise shipped to the shipping address provided by Customer.
6.3 If some items not available on short or delay the promised delivery time, you will be informed by e-mail from us about it.
In case of non availability of the ordered goods we reserve the right not to deliver. In this case, we will inform you immediately and refund already received services immediately.
6.4 All expected delivery times are from receipt of your order the full amount to our bank account.
6.5 The delivery times vary between 5-10 business days. By management stated delivery times are not binding.
6.6 Delivery delays caused by legal or regulatory arrangements (eg. B. import and export restrictions) and are not the responsibility of us, extend the delivery period corresponding to the duration of such obstacles, the beginning and the end, we are in important cases the buyer immediately tell.
Delays in delivery, such as by force majeure, traffic disruptions and orders of higher authorities and other MAJESTIC MODE is not responsible events, no claim for damages against MAJESTIC MODE may be applicable.
6.5. respite
The buyer may not reject partial deliveries. If an order can not be delivered in full, the buyer must order the goods are still needed again.
After expiry of the delivery period, a grace period from the time of the delivery period, a maximum of 20 working days will start to run without explanation. It begins at the agreed delivery date, the next succeeding day, otherwise on receipt of respite from the seller. After the expiration of the grace period of withdrawal from the contract to the exclusion of claims for damages shall be deemed effected. Payments already received shall be refunded. Withdrawal under that paragraph does not apply if the buyer the seller explained during the grace period, that he insists on the fulfillment of the contract. The provider will, however, be released from its obligation to deliver when the buyer on request of the seller within the grace period not make a statement, if he is to fulfill the contract.
Before the end of the subsequent delivery of the buyer are excluded due to late delivery.
6.6 In the event unjustified refusal to accept the goods delivered by us we charge the cost incurred by us, but at least 30,00 euro net. Our right to performance of the contract shall remain unaffected.

7 damage in transit and transfer of risk
The buyer is obliged to examine the goods immediately and obvious damage immediately to the supplier -Versandunternehmermitzuteilen. A hidden damage must inform the seller in writing confirming the buyer within 3 days.
In case of damage which are not externally visible and are only recognized when the goods are unpacked, please immediately to the supplier.
A defect in the goods does not include damage caused by improper or non-contractual treatment of the customer.
For sending articles to us, the customer bears the risk until it reaches us. Shipments of us are always free up. Shipments without freight prepaid will not be accepted. Gladly the seller is willing to refund the postage for legitimate complaints.

8 Warranty and Limitation of Liability
Is a delivery item is defective or missing him a guaranteed feature we are entitled to choose the replacement or repair. Multiple repairs are permitted.
It is also possible variations in colors, designs and have presented on the Web Site models occur.
Non favor or slight deviations of the purchased item to the quality, color, shape, do not constitute defects, provided they are commercially reasonable for the customer.
In the case of a complaint, the customer has to send the appropriate product with an exact description of the problem and in the original packaging back to us.
In the suspicion of shipping damage or missing goods the shipping packaging must be preserved for viewing or enclosed with the returned item.
We also explicitly point out that we allow for defects, which are slightly under the Act, no right of withdrawal.
Please remember also that you as an entrepreneur must also show obvious defects within a period of one week from receipt of the goods to us. If not, the assertion of warranty claims is excluded. Keep in mind, however, that you so far, however, only have to comply timely dispatch the notification to preserve the one-week period.
Excluded from complaints are:
– Used or damaged items,
– Article sent after the one-week period
– COD or freight collect shipments,
– Minor defects.
You as an entrepreneur also bears the burden of legally standardized eligibility, ie, in particular for the defect itself, the time of such determination of the defect and the timeliness of you as a provider, compared with declared complaint of the respective defect. We as a supplier also initially expect a call on your part to be able within a reasonable time provide performance of the supplier before you make a claim for damages against the seller.
Claims for damages, levied by a customer from positive breach of contract and negligence in tort against the provider, are excluded, unless the damage was not caused intentionally or by gross negligence. This does not apply to claims for damages from special guarantee of the properties sought to protect the purchaser against risk of consequential damage.
Compensation claims from impossibility of performance, positive breach of contract, negligence in contract or tort against us are excluded in any case, unless intentional or grossly negligent acts vorliegt.Im maximum case is to replace the simple value of goods at the time of delivery.
Any consequential damages are excluded in every case of liability.
For printing errors or for errors MAJESTIC MODE accepts no liability.

9 Assignment and pledging ban
The assignment or pledge of the customer to the provider claims or rights is excluded without the consent of the provider, if the customer has a legitimate interest in the assignment or pledge.

10 Privacy
By agreeing to these terms and conditions can allow the provider to save you as a regular customer and to send you any information via email. If you zoom are no longer interested, please let us know briefly.
If you contact us, it may be necessary that your personal data such as Name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number check, store, process and use. We collect and use asked from you or on the occasion of access to our web services incurred personal information only for the purpose of concluding the contract or the contract or the execution of other event you contact us.

11 Others
In accordance with § 1, no. 1 in conjunction with § 14, no. 1 of the Textile Labelling Act, the seller indicates that all items, unless otherwise noted, are made from 100 percent polyester.
Accessories include, if not explicitly stated, is not inclusive.

12 Choice of Law & Jurisdiction
12.1 The contractual relationship between the provider and the customer shall be the law of the Republic of Austria application. Excluded from this choice of law are the mandatory consumer protection provisions of the country in which the customer has his habitual residence. The application of the UN Sales Convention is excluded.
12.2 The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the customer and the provider is the location of the provider, provided that the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public law special fund.

13 Severability
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.

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